Walking past a stall in the market, Landon notices a tax collector withhold one gold coin from the money box he is watching over. Without missing a beat, the man hides the coin in his sleeve.  A young girl steals two small apples with practiced skill, sharing one with an old man nearby while hiding the other.

His face darkens with contempt as these greedy acts.

From a distance, you would think that he was just another tall, handsome young man passing through the market.

Up close, you see small scars from days of playing in the woods as a child, feel his heightened charisma, and look into eyes as dark as the night and watchful as any predator. You notice the carefree grin he uses, the unforgettable, infamous grin.

His accent is unfamiliar, and he tells you he was raised in the forests of Kiros, by the Elves. But didn't Elves die out a few hundred years ago?

He walks away, and you see a glint as his worn cloak blows in the breeze. A knife, two knives?

You also see him bump into another young man, and he drops something. The second man recovers it quietly.

The End

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