Sit down, and I will tell you about her. No not there, that was her chair. On the floor, that's right. Comfy?

Now, it will be hard for me to tell you all the things she was but I will try. No words could possibly ever paint an image that she deserves. Beautiful seems to vague, and such an understatement.

The way she moved, and the way she looked at you. She was pure gold, in mind and soul. Every one she met, left feeling honoured to have known her. Her smile was sure to have brightened even the darkest of days.

Though, don't you think different. She may have been friendly as a young puppy, but she could bite like a tiger if needed. She was strong minded, standing for no dishonest business.

You remind me of her in some ways. Your eyes twinkle like hers did when she laughed. Oh what a sweet laugh. Your stubborn like her too. Too stubborn sometimes.

Oh my days are long now. The years have blurred into one, without her. If I had one more wish, it would be to lay my tired eyes on her one last time. Your mother, Jolene.

The End

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