If you think you've seen a crazy teenaged girl, you're wrong. Unless, of course, you've seen that McKay girl. She's got wild green eyes, and that boyfriend of hers... It's astonishing, really, that her mother could leave when her child is so out-of-control. Left with just a father, that miracle child. Though, when I think about it, it's strange that her parents' eyes are both a deep brown, and hers an electrifying green.

Sometimes, when you listen into the deep sorrow of the night, you can hear her playing a cheerful song on the trumpet. And if you smile and listen through the entirety of the song, you might hear her finish with a loud cry. That miracle child...

She keeps her hair up, in a pony-tail. Her boyfriend (who dresses like a "punk") admires her golden curls. "Just like your mom's..." he says. She'd close her eyes, then, because her mother's hair sports an ebony shine. He's referring to her step-mother.

You might wonder how I know so much about this miracle child. The truth is, this girl is very close to me. In fact, my name is Miracle, and this girl hates me. Actually, this girl is me.

The End

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