Alli surveyed the room, rocking slowly examining the helm of her yellow dress as it swayed idlily by her knees. It was most certainly not the dress of a war strategist, not in the least... ack the thought reminded her of Jan he always told her she wasn't dressed for war, "your too frail, always in that god faresaken dress and then chastises me on what I wear, no right have you!" His words came back to her, not that she cared what he thought he worried too much always telling her to watch out for the shooters if they infiltrated the barracks, which was not likely to happen anyway.  "Safe here, not a shooter in sight" she giggled at her joke.

"Needs to be sedated that's what I think." the voice of the nervous man had suddenlygone, looking up she noticed the silence, chuckling nervously she started " My turn I guess, I'm Alli, not Alyia, just Alli, 18 years at the end of this lunar cycle.  Yay! I was born in the Alter Plane, located at coordinates 58J 45B it's in the Milky Way as close to Earth as humanly possible in this day and age. Pausing to take a breath she continues the eyes focused on her were nerve racking " I'm a strategist in the Alterian army, my post is located in the barracks in area 28G. I only have one relative, my older brother Jan he's a bit of a worrywart so don't be surprised if you see a crazy looking person outside the door." smiling she slid to the floor pinning up her black hair, to reveal a pair of stone coloured eyes, overshawdowed by her tan skin.

Hands clench her dress idlily, she was in deep thought even if it didn't seem that way, it looked as if she was debating between leting the glasses perched of the tip of her nose fall or save them from impending doom. Finally after several minutes the glasses took the dive  and crashed to the floor, she jumped, ignoring the shattered fragments she continued  "I'm originally from Earth, my family left during the Tak incident,after which Fate my sister died along with our parents on the transfer out. It's been Jan and me toughing it out since then, well we were taken in by Sirus Vistus at one point.  He was a retired old commander who couldn't let go of his glory days, we spent five years with him before he sent us to the recuitment camp..." her face twisted into a scowl "unfortunately we were accepted. Jan was  on cloud nine with the old man, who went and got him self killed by shooters three weeks later, Jan swore reveage he was attached to the quack, I really don't know why and I didn't know what else to do... so I stayed. Jan needs someone to protect him anyway he couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag."

The End

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