Gesten Montgomery Hewie

The young man stared quietly at the strange members of this "society." He waited patiently for the old pastor to finish speaking, constantly twiddling his thumbs in the outline of an infinity sign for seven repetitions before reversing directions. Suddenly the room went quiet again and the Pastor named Jim stopped speaking. Looking at the mismatched members of the group there, the young man stopped twiddling his fingers and made a 'haruumph' sound. They all turned to stare at the well dressed young man with spectacles and a shaved head void of anything minus stubble.

"Well I suppose I should begin," He said pushing his glasses up his nose to his forehead. "My name is Gesten  Montgomery Hewie-you folks can refer to me as Gesten or Monty if you prefer...although I prefer Gesten." He cracked his knuckles, staring blankly at the ceiling before speaking again. "As you can see I'm about six feet tall, exactly 188.22 centimetres tall. I weigh exactly one hundred and sixty pounds. My hair his brown or hazelnut if you'd like to call it and my eyes are green although more approximately pale green."

He pushed his glasses into his forehead again before breathing deeply, seven repetitions. "I was born in London, England at exactly 7:45 am on Tuesday November 6th, 1983, although I have recently been-err chosen to move to Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

Gesten stared at the people there, counting each of them seven times before blinking back into reality and pushing removing his glasses. "People say I have some sort of illness, an obsessive compulsion disorder." He exhaled onto his glasses, fogging the lens before cleaning them with the end of his white shirt. "I really don't see my current state as dangerous or hindering. In fact I find it quite useful. No mistakes can be made and patience is a key virtue I strongly believe in. Sadly everyone now-a-days is too caught up in the now, in the fast track of life."

He put his glasses back on and pushed them into his forehead again, sliding them back down, then back up seven times. "Honestly when did quickness ever benefit us all? Take WW1 for example, the Allies responded too quickly to an incident over in Bosnia. WWII Hitler enacted a plan that may have actually work-not that I'd like it too- if he had acted more patient. Even now North America is coming back from a recession, all because of their need for haste."

Gesten's breath quickened as he noticed them staring at him. Sweat began to drip down his forehead. He wiped it seven times before coughing. "Well I think I've said enough." He lowered himself to the seat, aiming to sit on it when suddenly a nagging feeling overcame him. he sat back up and sighed, repeating the process six times more before taking his seat.


The End

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