Kage, sun of Aturo

Kage walked into the room, not sitting down.  He'd much rather stand.  He definetly didn't appear to be, but he was watching the room.  He checked all shadows and then double checked them for possible hiding spots for himself incase he needed them, or encase someone was hiding there. 

Kage lived somewhere around 4000 years BC.  But to understand, "How" he lived, you need to understand this.  In all religions you find some kind of story of the flood.  The most common is "Noahs flood."  Now even if your not religious, which this story isn't ment to be about, there's a good chance of a major flood.  Kage, he lived before this flood. 

"Hello."  Kage said.  "I am 18 years of age.  My father is dead, and I live with my uncle, Xio (X - e - O).  My father, before he died when I was 14, taught me much.  He showd me the way of the climber, the street climber, and now, because of him, I can find a way to infiltrat almost any castle my climbing it.  He also taught me some of the Warrior, and how to fight with the electric blade." 

You may be wondering what he meant by "electric," blade.  Before the flood, we do not know much.  He lived in a time when in some ways they were more advanced then us.  In others . . . not so much.  They did have electricity at their fingertips, but not advanced weaponry or house making.

"I did not know why he taught me these things.  I just asumed to keep in shape.  They had many formes of athletisicm, and still do, but what I did not know, was that he was the last of a great klan of Assassins that were sworn to kill the Kindrens, a guild of theivs and murderers who've been around for ages, sworn to take over the government and leadership of Vulean. 

"After my father died, I went to my uncle, and asked him of my father.  He told me that he, too, used to be one of the assassins, but had stopped because he believed them to be taking too extream measures to kill the the Kindrens, even to the point of killing savilians.  The ends does not justify the means, as he always said.  I believed him, still do, but not when they caught Krystal.  Krystal was the most beautiful woman I ever met.  She was religios, of course, and hated me killing.  I only broke it once, without her knowing, and that was it.  But when they kidnapped her for blackmail, now it was personal.

"I'm looking for my uncle to train me, but he will not.  I know he'll bend.  The day He does, soon, I'll be ready. 

"I will save her."

The End

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