Old Man Jhonny

His name was Jhonny, but most called him Old Man Jhonny, because he was 93 years old, but had a disease which made him seem much older, suprisingly.

He sat down on the sofa, slowly leaning back.  It was very soft.

"Well I don't suppose you want me to give my story?"  He said between breaths.  "Well here it goes:" 

"I was born in 1918, in Hawaii when it was not yet part of the united stats.  My family owned a taro pach, which I helped tend to.  it was very hard work, and gave me much disipline. 

"In the year of 1941 I got a job working in a library, which i loved very much because of all the books i could read.  I could read for hours.  Though that didn't last long, when I went off to colege. 

"After colege, I was married to a lovely young woman named Rose.  After that, I went through something I don't normally talk about.  I was killed ...

"Now of course im still alive now, or at least my soul is, but really, im not in my original body.  I was what you might call a MIeaster.  A body snatcher.

He closed his eyes, and leaned back into the sofa.

The End

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