Mel sat down on the sofa. It was as comfortable as it looked, with a soft red throw.

Her straight brown her was tangled and messy; her brown eyes rimmed with dark shadows. She hadn't slept for a month.

"Okay," she said to the others. "This is my story."

"I was born in a tiny town, near the city of London. It was the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, right? But I got bored of it. I ran away.

"I lived rough for three months, until I met this guy called James. He looked after me, though we were the same age. I grew too dependant on him: that was my downfall.

"When he left me, I was alone. I was terrified at night, and I didn't know how to get food any more. I don't know what direction my life is going to go in, so I'm just going to let it happen. I don't want to make any more wrong decisions."

She was silent, waiting for their reactions. Okay, so it wasn't the most interesting of stories, but ...

The End

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