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I took from a random character app and I am trying to bring back by free flow creative writing. {An aggressive 55 year old woman. Comfortable background, lives in architectural designed house. Drinks to much}

The door was locked behind her. She reached into her red and black laced bra for the key that would open her desk drawer full of liquor and mixers. It was yet another rough day and a tumbler of dark rum promised to calm her nerves. As she popped the cork and filled the glass she thought back on the times when she wore peace and happiness. These memories of course only reminded her of how dim her life has become and she lifted the glass to her plump lips and drank till it was empty.

On her refill she laid back deep into her high back leather chair and looked blankly out the window across scattered buildings and bustling roads It was a growing town and her building was by far the newest and tallest. it took years but she now sat atop a seven story architecture firm and being what it was the building stood out like a city slicker in the west with the most modern design. It cast shadows on the by passers below as she watched them saunter to who knows where.

She knew she had a long day ahead of her. It would be well past nightfall when she finally escaped the monotony of corporate meetings and political bullshit. But through it all she found comfort in the busy schedule and drafting deadlines because it left little room for her to reflect on the pains and failures of the past. The pains that led her to drinking away her lonely life.

Her desk clock hit one and she slipped her glass and bottle safely back in her secret drawer, locked it up and tucked away her key. She stood and adjusted her waist line and adjusted her red silk blouse as she walked towards her door for another meeting with a high end client. Her body had seen better days in her fifty-five years of life, but nonetheless she was confident in herself. Not as thin as some of the younger girls in the firm but she had muscle amongst the weight gained. She kept her hair in a low firm bun and crisp slacks that accentuated her hips. Over time she learned she had to appear powerful as a first step to reaching a level playing field as the men she worked beside.


The End

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