Chapters 9-16

A. The earth really is slowing down, but at such a slow rate that it has no effect on us.

B. The world went into a panic even though nothing had really happened yet, But are now trying to go on with their lives.

C. I did not like how everyone started freaking out over absolutely nothing.

D. The earth is slowing at 4cm a year.

E. I thought it factually correct, which made it easier to believe and more interesting for me personally.

F. It shows what people would most likely do during a situation like this, and I think it is really accurate. Factual accuracy is something that books need if they want to be believable and have a more immersive story.

G. I loved it, and you really get attached to the characters.

H. A quite interesting book, WHY DID HE HAVE TO CHEAT THOUGH?!?!?!?!

I. I would probably want to freak out, although I would try not to and just stay calm. I would try to make necessary arrangements.

The End

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