Chaos of the slowing (chapter 17-25 The Age of Miracles)

In the chapters 17-25 of The Age of Miracles, everything seems to be going chaotic at this point. We see the effects of the slowing on people getting worse and worse go by. The author leads you through many events that keep making the book more intense and hard to tell whats going to happen next.

As the story continues on it goes through many odd and chaotic events.  keep happening and you can't really predict what will happen next. There has become a separation of people based on how they judge their time. The "real-timers" are people who will sleep for sundown to sunup and then stay awake during the daylight. The "clock timers" are the people who go by the standard 24-hour clock time. In the book the "real timers" end up getting their electricity sabotaged. "It was no accident, the real-timers had been targeted. " "It took six hours for the power company to reconnect the real-timers to the grid."

In the novel things are slowly wearing the characters down. Each event seems to be taking some toll on the characters "well being". Events such as getting into a car accident, seeing a friend shave their head bald, witnessing your father cheating on your mother. Events like these seem to keep happening and the characters can sense that it won't stop either. Knowing that the end of the world could possibly be right around the corner and bad things will happen until then can make some people go insane. 

The main character/narrator , Julia is in the midst of handling social and family problems. The point where most people wouldn't want to continue in life but she is still motivated somehow. It's not clear exactly how she is dealing with this and is still somewhat able to go on. It's almost like she is determined to find out the mystery of her father and find out how everybody and everything ends. This hidden force drives her to continue whether she really knows it or not.

The End

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