The Man I Loved (Letter) - TheGeekGirl

I loved you. So much. I loved you with everything there was in my heart to give, and what did you do? Hurt me over and over again. After all those other women I still loved you. I couldn't help loving you. Every time you said "I love you" it was just a ploy to keep me by your side when you couldn't wait to be with someone else. Where are you now? Washed up with hardly a penny to your name and no other women. No one to mess around. I'm so glad I left you.
                                                                                           No longer yours. 

Author assignments.

Challenge one for cursedshadow: write a Stream of consciousness about having waaaay too much pressure to deal with.

Challenge two for ThomasWright: Secret and forbidden love. I want you to write a poem about it. You can choose why, the circumstances, whatever.

Challenge three for Wolvero: Write a memoir about first love. :-) Just go with what feels right. xx

The End

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