Good to See You Again (Monologue) - FromTemglinToGolocni

Author's note: I'm awful at monologues so.. sorry x3 (at least it's 100 words though~~)

I can't help but think that perhaps your plan was not really as good as you thought it was.
Get rid of me, help yourself.

Look at you now, full of remorse.
Do you remember the last words you said to me?
I hope you rot in hell.
Well I'm back, b*tch.
And I'm not going anywhere.

You can cry and scream as much as you like but nobody is going to hear you.

You can rot right here on earth and I'll be around every single sweet step.

I tell you what, it's damn good to see you again.


Author Assignments xD

Challenge 1 for cassandra: Write a "Stream of Consciousness" in the style of a pregnant 16 year old. Her views and all things tied to the pregnancy are of course, your choice.

Challenge 2 for my Geek: Write an angry letter as a wife to your ex-husband.
Almost everything about this is your choice. x3

Challenge 3 for jam.of.tarts: Write a poem based entirely on a metaphor which is not clear until the final stanza.

The End

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