Memoirs of a Failure (Memoir)- LiquidDiamondTears

There was a fine coating of dust on everything in the house.  Nothing had since changed.   

What did I do?

Tears filled her eyes as they scanned the desolate room.  Memories flooded back to her in a tidal wave of uncontrolable emotion.  His arms around her when she craved another's and the hollowness when they had both been taken away. 

She tried her best to block out everything after that summer.  To shut away the pains and hurts that came with love.  She had failed, and that's why she was always brought back to this place of hurt and love. 




Author Assignments:


~~ Seattle:  One Day I'll Fly Away

                      Write a poem about a bird with a broken wing, who longs to leave the nest.

~~ Anna_Devlin:  Here I Go Again?

                      Write a prose about someone with amnesia.

~~ Ever:  Voicless

                     Write a poem about someone who cannot speak.


The End

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