Red, Blue and Yellow! (Poem) - CassandraMorrow

Author's note: I am not a poet. But here is my poem in exactly 100 words - no excuses, no justifications.

I am the red that traces your arms
Blood dripping from scars you inflict
I am the pain that pours from your heart
I am red.

I am the blue that graces your bruise
A mark of his volatility
I am that which betrays his abuse
I am blue.

I am the yellow that hits your skin
The sunlight, warming your soul
I am the rays that feather your pain within
I am yellow.

We are the cacophony of cataclysmic colors
We, this expressive rainbow
We are the clash that contrasts one another
We are the red, blue, and yellow. 


1. Toxic Beauty - LouisaJo: Write a poem that uses repetition, at least one oxymoron, and another literary device of your choice.

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The End

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