Challenge of a Hundred Words

Give your friends on Protag a challenge in which they have to write a story, poem, memoir, etc. in exactly a hundred words or less.

Hello there!

Well basically this exercise involvethe collaborator or whoever is tagged to write a story, memoir, poem, a dialogue or anything else that you can possibly think of in less than a hundred words.

The rules are simple: have fun, and be up to the challenge! And of course, keep it at a less than a hundred words. Don't worry about your work being underrated or anything like that, especially if you're not a natural poet required to write one. I'm making this work unratable as this is more of a learning and fun activity than whether you score a 5* or 1* rating. Also, please don't write anything too mature that would make me have to change the settings of the story.

After you finish writing your piece for the challenge, put a little asterisk as the bottom and then describe the challenges you are going to give to the people you're going to tag. The title of their challenge should be written in the Branch Title box.

For example:


Challenge 1 to Aria: Write a short play featuring a crazy cat woman, an old man and a little tabby cat that could talk bumping into each other in a park after a robbery takes place in a nearby neighborhood.

Challenge 2 to CassandraMorrow: Write a poem about the colors red, blue and yellow, using personification to give an interesting twist.

Challenge 3 to CrystalRose: Create a character and illustrate him/her in a scene which shows his/her weakness' and strength and a little bit of their inner personality.


So that's the basic format. Hope you guys have fun.

And, well...good luck!


The End

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