David: Hi.

"CHARLIE!" I yell, anger slithering on my tongue. She still doesn't reply. I clench my fist and follow her stare out the window. My eye falls on a kid standing out in the middle of the street. "Oh crap."

It's Lawrence's kid. She has a bomb strapped to her---but who called Charlie!? I don't give myself a second to ponder. I dash out the door and quickly descend down the flight of stairs. "BOMB!" I scream.

What am I going to do?! There's nothing I can freakin do!!! How can I explain the situation to everyone in ten freakin seconds! We can't get a bomb squad over here--

"What is going on here?!" Lawrence yells, storming towards me. 

I don't have time for this. I push him out of the way and run out the front door. I hear voices yelling after me, but I don't respond. I keep running. My adrenaline starts pumping as I near the kid, who's standing in the middle of the parking lot. "Lindsay!!" I screech.

She turns and looks at me. She makes a face. It doesn't look like fear. It's a---smile? I grab her by the shoulders and start to unstrap the bomb.

Suddenly, something sharp stabs into my stomach. I jump back with a yelp. What the---did she just---stab---oh crap.

I collapse onto my side, holding the bloody knife that was stabbed into me by that---witch. Darkness starts to wash over me.

"The Knight says hi," the girl says, her smile still sitting plainly on her face.

A van with tinted windows pulls up behind her. She opens the door and steps in. The door slams and they drive away.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Why did she---I thought she---oh no. Oh crap. I've been played. Played like a card. A really bad card. 


The End

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