Randall: Decisions

             Facts are easier than people. They're cold, hard, undeniable. They don't change, or expect you to change. They just are. I suppose I've known this all along; the only thing that stopped me from really truly believing it was the tiniest possibility that I could be different.

            Since I made the decision to stay me, to forget about trying to be someone other than me, everything suddenly seemed much more simple. But now this... I look down at the paper in my hand. It's an opportunity. An opportunity to be me, properly me, and be accepted as me.

           So why am I holding back? This place has nothing for me. Nothing.

           But I suppose what it is... It's the competitive side of me. Not that I'm particularly competitive, it must be said. But still... I don't want to leave this case, not like it is now. Maybe afterwards. Maybe when I can see, when I can show that I'm not running away, that I'm simply making a decision for the best.

          That feels better. I don't like being torn between two options. I like having one path, and knowing exactly what to do. Which I do now. I get up quickly. There's no point sitting in my office. Alannah said the techies are trying to break the voice encryption, while working out exactly which phone was used to make the ransom demands. Well, I can try and help, can't I?

         I'm just about to leave my office when Mendrick comes in. If I could read his facial expressions better, I might be able to tell what he's about to say to me. Charlie's standing half beside, half behind him.

        'They finally found out which goddamn phone they used,' she states.

         I nod, interested.

        'It was yours.'

The End

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