David: Minute

These guys are crap. Seriously. They are the most uncooperative suspects I've ever had. Not only do they hardly speak, but they keep twiddling their thumbs as if I'm freakin invisible.

Anyhow, I got up and left the interrogation room while Alannah was still chatting with them. But first, I decided to lay down the law.

"Look," I had said just a few minutes before. "If you continue to be such pricks, I'm going to take my gun and shove it up your---"

"Mendrick!" Alannah had shouted angrily.

I glared at them one last time and then walked out of the room.

Now I'm still walking, trying to find Charlie. I really need to apologize, and try to explain everything to her. But...I don't know.

"Hey!" a voice calls.

I turn. It's King. Dang it. I was really hoping not to talk to anyone. "What?"

"We got something."


"You're not going to believe this..."

"Don't introduce it dramatically, just tell me!"

"The ransom call...we tracked the number."

"Where'd they call from?"



"In this very house."

"What the---any chance they're hiding in an attic or basement?"

"None that we can tell."

I curse in my head and turn. "I have an idea."

"And what would that be?"

"Put Randall on TV."


"Put Hart on the news. I want him giving out every single piece of information that we have."


"Do it!" I yell as I start to walk down the long hallway.


I found Charlie standing outside in the garden, which was decorated beautifully with lots of varieties of flowers. I came up behind her, but didn't get too close. I didn't want to push it.

Of course, this was because I didn't want to get punched in the face.

This is where I am now. Watching her...

She's so beautiful...and I'm screwing up the investigation and our relationship, all because of this....I don't even know what it is.

I want to wrap my arms around her and tell her I love her...but...she wouldn't accept it. So I suck up my pride.

"I'm sorry," I say finally.

Broker acts surprised to see me, but I know that she knew I was there. "For what?"

I blink. "For everything. I don't know why these things are happening to me, but I'm sorry. Somehow, it must be my fault."

Charlie stares blankly at me. She still has a slight frown, but she looks more confused than angry.

Whoops. That was a misread. Now she's mad. Very mad.

"Look, you're cool and all...but I don't think I want to be with someone who can't even figure out his own problems. I have enough to deal with. Plus, you really don't even know how to kiss."

My heart broke. I almost laughed at the last sentence, until I realized what she was saying. "Charlie," I begin.

"No David."

There's awkward silence. I stare into her eyes for a while, wishing I could hold her and show her that I'm sorry.

Charlie's lip trembles. She's going to break, but she won't let me see it.

Whoops. Another misread. I'm really off today.

"Oh who am I kidding?" Charlie asks with a half-smile. 

Next thing I know, she throws her arms around me in a warm embrace. Her lips are all over my neck, and I try to balance myself so I don't fall flat on my back.

To no avail.

I hit the ground with her on top of me. My heart flutters with excitement as she bends down. Her lips meet mine.

We kiss for at least a whole minute.

The best minute of my life...

The End

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