Charlie - The Kidnapping Business

I feel better now I've hit someone. Especially because that someone was Mendrick.

Anyway, I figure that the best thing for me to do is just get on with helping what's left of the team.

Huh. Team. Yeah, right. 'A cobbled together group of nutters who all hate each others' guts' would be a better description. But hey. You can't have it all.

So, there's voice encryption on the ransom demand. Yeah, of course. Harrison's battling with my kidnappers, Mendrick's scowling at everyone, and Hart is doing his usual impression of a biscuit tin. Fun fun fun.

Uh... so what's left for me to do? Not much, I think is the answer. Jesus, I hate crimes that don't involve bodies. At least the last two were nice and simple. This one's just ridiculous.

But what's bugging me, what's really strange, is the when and how. These idiots who kidnapped Mrs Stupid and her brat - when did they do it? The brat got home from school okay, we know that. Mrs Stupid was seen to come home from bingo, or whatever she was doing. That gives the kidnappers half an hour before Mr Stupid comes home.

Half an hour to do a kidnap? Sounds easy enough. But it's risky. Far too risky for my liking. You've got to get in the house (apparently without forcing anything), overpower your quarries before they phone the police or make a noise or whatever, and then leg it.

I certainly wouldn't want to do it. I'd wait for a better time, me. Probably. But then, I'm not in the kidnapping business.

But no one saw anything. That's odd, on a suburban street. You always get the ostrich types who spend their entire lives with their abnormally large noses in anybody's business but their own.

So if no one saw anything, was the kidnap committed in that half hour?

And if not, when?

The End

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