Randall: This Night


                I’m at a loss for words.  Everything is kind of playing out strangely.  Mendrick comes back, and unknowingly brings Charlie with him.  I don’t think that makes sense to anyone.  Sometimes the universe makes no sense.  I guess it doesn’t have to make sense, though.

                I still don’t quite have anything to do.  I mean, yes, there is plenty to be done, but I hardly have any part in it.  I don’t know enough to help the decryption process on either the phone trace or the voice encryption.  I’ll admit I’ve tampered in such things, but only tampered.  With the business lately, and going through med school, there is hardly time to pick up any extraneous information.

                I go have a look regardless, there is nothing I can hurt with a basic understanding.  I don’t see much, algorithms splaying across the screen in a language I couldn’t understand if I hadn’t been brushing up lately.

                It all looks more professional than anything I’ve seen.  A string of encryption that could take enormous amounts of time to break, especially considering the length of time a brute forcer takes.  Checking each possibility, they could have that program running for days on end with no result. 

                It felt unlikely that would be our key, but looking over it I still felt some confidence.  Maybe, just maybe, it could break through.  These things do happen, I mean just check the internet.  Thousands of accounts are hacked daily.  It seems scary, but it isn’t much of a problem.  The people who do it aren’t really known as “hackers” in internet culture hackers have a good name, but the others are known as
“crackers,” the ones that are malevolent, anyway.

                I feel like I’m rambling in my own head, which is a bad sign.  I see Mendrick tell Alannah something and she hustles off importantly.  I hope that has something with the two Mendrick took the van from, and apparently took Charlie.  I don’t want this night to end, so much is happening.

The End

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