Randall: Simpler

                My best guess to find Charlie was looking back at police headquarters, and no such luck there.  So I wonder if I should just go back to Mendrick.  I sincerely doubt he would appreciate the lack of time spent looking but I don’t know enough about Charlie to know where to look.

                I decide to waste time, and tell Alannah that much.  She shrugs, and mutters something I don’t catch under her breath.  I’ll just take that as a yes.  I grab the papers on the case, and peruse them yet again.  I hope that either Charlie shows up, or I miraculously stumble upon something someone else missed.

                After what feels like hours, but according to my watch was actually less than half of one, I put the papers back into the folder and rub my temples.  Warming up my brain, I tell myself, but I know it’s because of the lurking headache.

                Murder is so much simpler than kidnapping.

                I make a trip to the restroom and splash cold water in my face, but the headache seems to grow.  It’s a nagging feeling in the back of my head, telling me something bad is going to happen.

                I hit the side of my head and wish it would give me hints to something I didn’t already know.

The End

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