Alannah: Where Do I Begin?

Mr Lawrence wasn't helpful when I questioned him, I had known he wouldn't be, but it helped me to calm down.  I didn't know why I was feeling so stressed and snappy but I didn't like it.

'Please Mr Lawrence, there has to be something.  Or are you totally unobservant?'

'Well I'm telling you I have told you everything I know.  Why can't you understand that?  Or are you completely stupid?'

'I do not appreciate that sort of abuse Mr Lawrence,' I retorted, feeling the anger boiling up inside me.

'Alannah.'  Randall's voice made me turn away from my interviewee.  'Mendrick's back but Charlie's gone AWOL and we've been sent out to look for her.'

'Excuse me?'  Mr Lawrence interrupted.  'Did you just say that one of the officers looking into the kidnap of my wife and child has disappeared and you're now sending two other officers to look for her?  What sort of operation are you running here?'

'I am sure that our commanding officer is organising us as he sees fit,' I said defensively.  'And it's not like we have much to go on as no one is being even remotely helpful, so I do not see how having either myself or Randall or Charlie here is worthwhile when we could be looking at another case.

'Now I am going to leave with my colleague here to follow the orders I've been given.'  I stood up from my chair, trying to make a dramatic exit but tripped over my own feet, Randall having to catch me for the second time that day.  'Say nothing,' I hissed to Randall as I regained my balance.

'I wouldn't dare,' he replied.  'I'll see you down by your car?'

'We'll have to take yours, Charlie's disappeared in mine.'

'OK then,' he said simply, moving out of the way to allow me to leave the room.  I felt like a complete idiot, first for shouting at Mr Lawrence in the way I had, and second for tripping over my feet.  Would I ever be able to make a proper exit without looking like an idiot?

'I'm driving,' Randall said when he joined me outside, immediately walking around to the driver's door and getting in.

'Do you have any idea where Charlie is?'  I asked as Randall started the engine.

'No idea.  I thought you might know, you being a people person and all.'

'Great.  It's down to me again, I muttered.  'I have no idea where to begin.'


The End

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