David: White Van


I probably just ruined the best relationship that ever happened to me. Well, besides...nevermind. I don't want to think about that.

But it isn't my fault! I don't know what's happening to me! Paranoia probably. Yeah, that's it. I'm just paranoid. That, and, I'm starting to feel like my life has no worth. So I'm not careful.

Regardless, I don't know. So why on earth did Charlie just ditch me in the middle of a highway? What a---no, no. I'm the one who's been such a freakin moron. She's my girlfriend, and I have to treat her as such...

I watch her car until it disappears. I sigh.

Next thing I know I'm standing on the side of the road with my thumb lifted. I feel like one of those homeless hitchhikers. At least now I have a little bit of sympathy for them...

Oh who am I kidding? They're such losers.

Suddenly, a white van goes off to the side of the road. My first instinct is to pull out my gun, but then I realize two things. Number one, I don't have my gun. Number two, not all white vans hold scary big men that want to kill me.

Just my luck. Three big scary men get out of the car. And I'll bet a month's salary that they want to kill me.

"Hey!" one of them calls. He cracks his knuckles and nods to his friends.

I frown."What do you want?"

"You had your thumb out, you want a ride?"

My frown recedes. "Are you offering?"

"Where you headed?"

"I'm a cop, and I need to get to a house about ten miles from here."

The man laughs loudly, and the other two join him. "We know who you are, David Mendrick."

I don't show my surprise. Instead, I lash out my leg straight into the leading man's crotch. He hits the ground like a sack of bricks. I quickly spin around and execute a roundhouse kick, sending one of his men sailing into the concrete. The last man flips out a knife and slashes at me. It's a small, not very intimidating knife. I slap it out of his hands. I look down to see the leading man starting to recover from the crotch kick. I spot a gun holstered to the back of his pants. In a flash, I wrap my hands around the gun and rip it out of the holster. I back up and point the gun at the three men. 

There's a moment of surrender on their part. They put up their hands and say nothing more.

"Now what about that ride?"


I take their van to Mr. Lawrence's house. I called the CBI on the way, telling them to go pick up the suspects ASAP.

I arrive at the house, explain to the police what happened, then enter as fast as I can. I walk into the house to see Randall, trying to talk to three people at once.

"I'll take these guys off your hands," I say with a smile.

Randall looks relieved. "How are---"

"Go find Charlie. She's gone AWAL."

"AWAL, sir?"

"I don't know where she is."

Randall nods slowly. "Alright, boss."

He starts walking away.

I add, "Take Alannah with you! And when you find Charlie, give her a good slap in the face."

Randall frowns.

"I'm joking, Hart."

The End

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