Charlie - What the Hell

I say nothing to David as he gets into my car. Or, Alannah's car. But since when have I been bothered about who owns the goddamn thing?

I don't know if he can tell how irritated I am. I can't even tell how irritated I am, so how in hell I expect him to know is beyond me.

'Randall called,' I mutter rebelliously.


'There's been a ransom demand. By phone.'

Jesus, David musta been as irritated as me, because he explodes with the force of six petrol tanks and a rubber chameleon. (And, take it from me, that's a pretty big force. I've been there. And I liked the chameleon, too.)

'WHAT?! And no one TOLD me?!'

'Well, you were kind of indisposed, we all thought.'

'Yeah, right, indisposed, whatever.' He sulks, which for some reason makes me even angrier. What the hell. I stop the car, right in the middle of the road, causing a lovely hand signal to be given to me by the next passing vehicle, but I just don't goddamn care.

'Listen to you! You're not right! This is the third time you've been dragged off to hospital in about as many weeks! What's going on, Mendrick? And don't bullsh*t me. I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Okay?'

He stares at me like I've just grown an extra arm or something. Huh.

'Okay? Or are you just gonna sit there and gape like an electrocuted eel? Huh? You're just goddamn useless, you are, and then you expect me to understand, to shut up and listen, and to be all kind and helpful and sh*t. But if you want me to do all that, then I have to know what I'm up against, what's going on inside your head, why you keep doing weird things and fainting and dieing all over me.'

He seems about to say something, like he's going to speak and everything'll be alright again, and we can just keep on driving like nothing's ever happened. But he doesn't. He tries to tell me how he's sorry, how it won't happen again, how everything's fine, nothing's going on.

'Get out the car,' I growl. 'Now. Go on. Beat it.'

To his credit, he does. But I'm in no mood to give him any credit. I put my foot down on the accelerator. I don't look back. If I look back, I'll see him standing there in the middle of the road, looking all forlorn.

Within a minute, I can no longer see him. But he's still there, in my mind's eye.

I need to get out, I need to go somewhere and just - just leave. I can't stand this any more, I don't know why, I've never broken before, but this...

I don't know where I'm going. But I'm going there, all the same.

The End

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