Randall: Floating


                My “in charge” term didn’t last long.  And I’m not exactly upset about it.  I’m hardly trustworthy enough to get everything done, my mind wanders too much.  Charlie just went to get Mendrick from the hospital.  I don’t really know what else to do; the decryption is all I can think of.  Talking to Mister Lawrence would feel like a waste but I sent Alannah to do it regardless.  Her outburst seemed irregular but I suppose since Charlie is upset she might as well be too. 

                Maybe I should start yelling too.

                I wrack my brain looking for something to do, even a tenuous hold on the smallest thing.  But I’m drawing a complete blank.  I feel so empty of late.  Trying to be normal seems to have eradicated what identity I thought I had before, and now I’m just floating.  Unaware of everything, even myself.

                I guess now the best we can hope for is another call back, a lot of kidnappers make the mistake of a second call back.  It’s usually what gets them caught, negotiations.  We could put Mister Lawrence on television and tell him to ask for negotiations, but there is no promise the kidnapper will see it, or that the kidnapper will even respond.

                I’ll bring the idea up to someone, but I doubt it will do any good.

The End

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