David: The Great Escape

I am upset.

Very upset.

My whole day was going fine, well, apart from the absence of a lead on the case. And then suddenly, my mind turns upside down and sends me crashing to the floor. And if that wasn't enough, now I'm stuck with these idiots in white coats. All of them are asking and saying the same things, and they're giving me a headache. I feel fine! I probably fainted because I didn't eat! I wouldn't tell them that theory, because I know they wouldn't buy it. They want to keep me here for a while, claiming that they want to "help" me. HA! The only help they've provided is offering to clean out my wallet.

Come to think of it, the only help I want is to be escorted from this nuthole.

"Doctor, I'm fine," I say as politely as I can.

The doctor smiles at me like I'm a five year old. "I'm sorry, Mr. Mendrick, but we can't let you leave."

I frown.

There's always two ways to play cop.

Good cop.

And bad cop.

I've tried to play good cop, but now...

The doctor walks towards me with a stethoscope. Going to check my heartbeat for the third time in the past five minutes.

"Don't you dare touch me with that," I growl.

The doctor gives me that condescending smile again. "This is a stethoscope, Mr. Mendrick, it won't hurt you."

"I know what it is," I snarl. "I don't need all of these tests, if there's anything wrong with me I'll come in tomorrow."

The doctor ignores me and comes towards me with that stethoscope. The anger boils to the point of overflow. And then it does.

I lash out my leg into the doctor's chest, sending him crashing into the tray of medical equipment behind him. He collapses with a groan, and I jump to my feet just as another doctor comes in.

Just as he gasps like a frightened little girl, I dash past him. I run down the hallway as fast as I can, down the halls, through the lobby, out into the parking lot.

Then I stop. 

My car isn't here.

I curse and flip out my cell as I begin to run down the street.

"Hello?" a sweetly familiar voice says.

"Charlie," I say with a smile, "I need you to pick me up a couple blocks from the hospital."

"What? Why? I thought the doctors wanted to see you for another hour or so."

I smile.

"Where are you?"

The End

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