Charlie - The Need to Shoot Someone

What is it with David and goddamn hospitals?!

Jesus Christ! I fall asleep for half a minute and THIS happens? And now I'm stuck pacing up and down while some stupid goddamn idiots in white coats puzzle over him and try to stop him from going and dying, or whatever.


And I had to leave my gun outside. Just when I want to shoot someone, as well.

Alannah looks terrified of me. And well she might. She's curled up as tight as she can into the corner. I swear when she finally peels herself off the wall, there'll be an Alannah-shaped imprint.

My phone rings. I pull it savagely out my pocket, nearly crushing it in the process. Ouch. I guess my phone's harder than my hand.

'Yes, what?' I snap. I'm in no mood for social calls.


Oh, it's Randall. That's fabulous, that is. Just hunky dory.

'We've got the ransom demands. You might want to come over here.'

Oh yeah, and leave David to the mercy of those bloodsucking doctors in there? They haven't got half an ounce of brain between them! No siree.

I tell Randall as much, in slightly fruitier language.

'I really think you should be here.'

Jesus Christ, have I just been voted Most Popular Cop of the Year or something?!

'Yeah, fine.' I cut him off.

Alannah's scraping herself off the wall.

'We're going,' I tell her. I'm in no mood to be any more helpful than that.


'This'd better be good,' I growl, pulling up outside Mr Lawrence's house.

'Hmm,' says Alannah. She's driving me nuts today. All the way here, she's been fiddling with her goddamn handcuffs. As if we're gonna use them.

At least I got my gun back.

'Come on. We're going in.' I get out the car. I wish David was here. I hope he's okay. If he's not, I'm seriously going to be wanted for murder by tomorrow morning.

'Oh, damn damn damn.'

I turn. It's not like Alannah to swear. That's my department. 'What is it?'

She looks up at me, misery and humiliation and a just tiny bit of amusement in her face.

'I've handcuffed myself to the seatbelt.'

The End

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