Alannah: Don't Panic

As David collapsed to the ground in front of me I panicked, falling to the floor next to him.

'What's happening?!" I screamed, shaking David, whose face was now turning from a normal healthy pink colour to a horrid grey.

'What's going on!?'  Charlie asked accusingly as I knelt over the body of her boyfriend.  'What's happened to David?'

'I have no idea,' I stammered.  'One minute he was fine, the next he was on the floor.'  I moved out of the way very quickly as Charlie moved in to check David.  'What's wrong with him?'

'Why should I know?'

'I don't know, you're his girlfriend.  Does he have any medical condition that might cause him to do this?'

'I don't know!'  Charlie was clearly getting frustrated.  'Just call a goddamn ambulance!'

I ran out of the Charlie's office and into mine just across the hall, grabbing the phone from off the hook and dialling the number with shaking hands.  I was so glad to hear a calming female voice on the other end of the phone.  The woman promised she would get someone there as soon as possible.

Fifteen minutes later, David was on a stretcher being lifted into the back of an ambulance, his face still a deathly shade of grey.  The paramedics hadn't said anything about what might have caused him to collapse and were just focusing on getting him in the ambulance and to the hospital.

'What do you mean I can't come with him?'  Charlie shouted at one of the paramedics as he tried to shut the backdoor of the ambulance.

'I can't let you come with us,' he repeated.  'You can follow us to the hospital and you'll be updated on Mr Mendrick's situation there.  Now would you please step away from the vehicle so we can do our job.'

Charlie reluctantly agreed, stepping away from the ambulance, allowing it to drive off down the road.

'Do you need me to give you a lift?'  I asked carefully.

'Of course I need a goddamn lift,' Charlie snapped.  'How else am I going to get to the hospital.'

'Right then, I'll take you,' I said, nervous of Charlie when she was in this sort of mood.  'I just need to call Randall and tell him what's going on, then I'll drive you down there.'

I pulled out my phone and hit the speed dial for Randall's mobile.  My life was clearly bad if my speed dials were taken up with my colleagues mobile numbers.

Randall answered the phone quickly, his voice sounding distracted.

'Hey Randall, it's Alannah.  Something's happened with David and I'm having to take Charlie to the hospital.'

'Alright then,' he said calmly.

'I should be back soon.  Give me a call if you find anything.'

'Yeah OK then, speak to you later,' Randall said hurriedly, then hung up.

'Thanks for letting me know,' I muttered sarcastically to myself.  'You're such a help Alannah.   Good job.'

The End

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