Charlie - Solitary Confinement

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Yeah - whatever - that's totally useless - so's that - blah blah - what the hell is that meant to be? - I couldn't care less - that's boring...

For the last goddamn hour, I've pulled up everything we've got on the Waters case. And drawn a blank. Nill. Nullo.

Absolutely nothing.

Well, that's usefull.

But, between you and me, it's better than interviewing the agoraphobic old bag who, if Alannah is to be believed, spent the whole time hiding behind the sofa.

Huh. I hope it was a big goddamn sofa.

Jesus, our filing system sucks! We've got nothing on anyone apart from Crazy Bill who went around with an axe for a week terrorizing the local wildlife before drowning in his own goddamn bathtub.


So here I am in solitary confinement, searching through heaps and heaps of stuff about axe murderers and bathtubs and nothing remotely useful.

God. Give me a car chase any day.

My phone's ringing. Where the hell is it?

After scrabbling around for a bit, I find it under heaps of paper. Oh, Jesus. It's my old brother again. Rob.

'What're you in trouble for this time?' I say, putting the phone to my ear.

'Hey, nuthin.'

'Then why the hell are you phoning me? It's my goddamn work hours.'

'Y'know 'ow it is, Cissy.'

'Shut up,' I growl. That's the last thing I need David to hear. Or any of the others. Or just anyone in the whole entire universe.

'It's just I've got summat I fought yer might be in'res'ed in. Y'know those guys, the ones I was talkin' about a while back?'

This has got me interested. It's Exredge - it's got to be. The ones who blew a hole through David?

Yeah. Them.

'What about them?'

'Well, just that one o' me mates, y'know, Skinner, the one who got stoned that time? Well, yeah, him. Anyways, he's been offered a job.'


'Yeh, I fought it was a bit off. He's goin' fer an interview this Tuesday. Yer might wanna follow 'im, or summat, see what's up.'

'Yeah. Yeah, okay. Thanks, Rob.'


I smile as I hang up. Now I've finally got something to go on.

The End

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