Randall: Change is Overrated

          Our potential witness hadn't seen anything.  It doesn't seem like she would see much, regardless.  Considering she never leaves her house.  It makes you wonder how she survives.  I guess she has friends to help her, or maybe meals on wheels.  If they still do that.  I think so.

          Anyway, we came up with nothing and now I'm back at the station.  Completely empty.  I feel dried up, like my mind isn't working.  I can't think creatively or act on some clever impulse.  I guess I'm just losing my edge.  Maybe my decision to be normal--or simulate someone normal--is draining me of all of the things I used to be proud of.

          It really makes me wonder.  Should I stay myself, and stay purely logical, or should I give in to my humanity?  That old lady is living by herself, as herself and she still makes it.  I could do the same thing.

          You know what?  I give up.  I'm not like them, and that's what makes me.  If I need to be different to function correctly, I'll do it.  I'll be the Randall I've always been, not the Randall they want me to be.

          I can already feel the gears in my head start working again. 

          It feels good.

The End

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