Charlie - No Rest for the Wicked

So, here we are again.

Except it's not again. There's nothing again about it.

To begin with, Alannah is about as cheerful as a drowning duck on Death Row. She's usually the life and soul of the goddamn party, she is. But it seems perhaps she was only the soul, and her guy Alfie was the life.

Just a thought.

And then there's Randall, who used to be as human as a cheese biscuit. But he's making an effort, even I can see that. To what end, I've no idea. Jesus, when did I care? It's cute, though. David's noticed it, too. Of course, he still yells at him like there's no tomorrow, but it's affectionate yelling.


And then, of course, there's me and David. David and me. Us. Yeah, whatever, enough with the soppy stuff. But anyway, we are officially an item now. Which makes us sound like something off a goddamn John Lewis wishlist.

But no, seriously. He's pretty goddamn awesome, and I do my best.

Lastly, we've got a kidnap. Nice and easy, compared to the serial killing we had last time. Although I wouldn't say no to a bit of blood and guts. As it is, I've got no excuse to shoot anything.



Jesus Christ! I forgot - David was supposed to be explaining to me about the kidnap. And here was I, thinking I was a goddamn Girl Scout or something, and this was a nice little holiday. Huh.

No rest for the wicked, eh?

'Yeah, boss?' (I've decided to be formal, or at least partically so, at work. Otherwise I might do something embarrassing. And that would be... Well, embarrassing.)

He sighs. Jesus, he looks so cute when he does that.

Stop it. Focus, Charlie, okay?

'Did you hear anything I just said?'

Ah. Um. 'Not particularly.'

'Okay. Right. So. We've got Rhonda and Lindsay Lawrence, kidnapped sometime yesterday afternoon. Lindsay was picked up from school as normal, Rhonda works as a part-time journalist, and yesterday was one of her days off. Neighbours weren't in, apart from little old lady across the street who, apart from being little and old, also happens to be agoraphobic, so she's no use to man nor beast.'

'Right-ho, boss.'

I catch his eye. And just about manage to drown out our giggles by coughing.

Ahh. This is gonna be fun. I can just goddamn tell.

The End

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