Charlie - My Goddamn MoronMature

So now-

David and me-

The boss-

I'm not blushing-


Yeah, okay. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking 'Aw, how cute, they get a lovey dovey happy goddamn ending'. Except you might be more polite than me, in which case you probably didn't say 'goddamn'. But there you go. Every man to his own.

Or woman, of course.

Well, yeah, actually. Happy ending, here I come. I've never had one before. And I like it.

Jesus Christ - he liked me all along! That's so goddamn exciting! And awesome! Ahhh! If I wasn't sitting here trying to stop David bleeding to goddamn death, then I might get up and start to dance right now.

'You shoulda got an ambulence,' I say, trying to... I dunno. The thing is, it could go either way right now: I could yell at him for being such a complete idiot. Or I could kiss him again.

Difficult choice. Even for me.

He looks sideways at me. 'So... What now?'

Jesus, does he have to make everything so complicated?! I giggle slightly (something I'm not accustomed to doing very often, thank you very much. And I hope this is the last time ever.)

'Shut up and enjoy it, you goddamn moron.'

I kiss him again.

And you know what? I think he does. I certainly do.

I'm planning on enjoying my goddamn moron. A lot. Just in case he gets it into his head to, I dunno, get shot again, or blown up, or run over. Something. Never a dull moment with my goddamn moron about, I can tell you. There's plenty of ways of enjoying a goddamn moron...

Get your mind out the gutter. You can't exactly have sex with someone who's bleeding to goddamn death, can you?

Actually... That's not such a bad idea...

Where there's a will, there's a way.


And I certainly have a will.


The End

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