Alannah: Who Are You?Mature

The door shut with a bang behind me, making Alfie's head shoot up off the desk.  His eyes widened when he saw me walk towards the desk and take the seat opposite him.


'Surprised to see me?'  I said, dropping the case file on the desk, making a loud slap as it landed.  'What did you expect when you got caught trying to kill my boss?'

'Alannah, I swear-'

'I don't want to hear it Alfie.  Is that even your real name or is that a lie too?  I don't know what to believe any more.'

'Alannah,' he said, leaning forward across the table towards me, 'just listen to me, this is all a big misunderstanding.'

'Don't try to bullshit your way out of this one.'

'But Al, I'm not the Knight-'

My hand stung as it connected with Alfie's face, wiping the pleading look from his eyes.  There was silence as we both froze, Alfie in complete shock and me breathing heavily as fought to keep my anger contained.

'Alannah, I'm so sorry,' Alfie tried again, 'but you have to-'

'I don't have to believe anything you say, and why should I?  I'm sick of the lying!  My boss has just told me that our entire relationship has been based on a lie.  Is that all I was to you Alfie?  A way to to get inside information about this unit so you could go on killing people.  The fact that I am even considering that this is might be the truth must mean that Mendrick is at least partly right.'  Alfie sat in silence as he took my abusing shouts, his eyes on the floor.  'Don't I deserve the truth from you at least?'

'Why should I try to convince you that Mendrick is wrong when you've clearly already excepted his version as the truth?  Maybe I was right and you should be dating him instead.'

'Don't bring Mendrick into this, he has nothing to do with it?'

'But he does.  At the moment it's his word against mine, and the fact that you believe him hurts me more than I can say.'

'Then tell me the truth!  Because if you don't I am going to beat it out of you.'  I could feel my eyes filling with fire, the way they always do when I am interviewing a suspect.  For the first time it scared me.

'Who are you?'  Alfie looked at me, bewildered.  'The Alannah I knew would never say anything like that.  I'm not sure I like the woman in front of me.'

'Well the Alfie I knew was a loving boyfriend, who hated his job but always managed to see the brighter side of things.  We don't always get what we want so don't you judge me.  I'm the woman who has unknowingly been dating a murderer!'

'But I'm not him!'

'Stop lying to me!'  My voice was almost a scream now and I was becoming hysterical.  I knew the others would be on the other side of the door and would be able to hear every word I said, but I was past the point of caring about it.  I ran around the table, pushing back my chair, which hit the floor with a clatter, and spun Alfie around to face me, pulling the victim's photographs out of the case file.  'How can you keep lying when all of these families think they will never know who killed their loved ones?  They need justice!'

'But I'm not the man you are looking for!'

'Look at them!'  I forced him to look at the hundreds of pictures that I was scattering across the interrogation table, pictures of crime scenes and evidence and the faces of the victims.  'Look at the people you've killed.  Don't they deserve the truth even if I don't.  If anything of the Alfie I knew is left in there then he would want the families of these people to have some closure.'

I do want that and I wish I could give them that but I'm not the man you are looking for.'  His voice was unbelievably calm and steady, which only made my anger flare up more.

'You sick bastard!  Is that all you can say?'  He didn't reply, he couldn't even look at me.  'Then you're a cold-hearted lying coward!  Who was the man I loved?  The man I would have done anything for?  Where has he gone?  Did he even exist?'

I was hitting him now, landing blow after blow on his face and torso, eyes screwed up to hold back the tears of anger and hurt that were spilling down my cheeks.  I was uncontrollable, picking up and handful of photographs and pushing them close to his face.

'Why won't you look at them?  Is it because you're too scared?'  I shoved them into his chest, making him overbalance and fall flat on his back with a crash.  I was shocked at the strength my anger gave me and stumbled forward, tripping over the chair legs and landing on top of Alfie.

I quickly rolled away, not wanting to be near him, not because he disgusted me but because I was disgusted at myself for still loving him.  I sat curled up in a ball on the floor with my back to him.

'Alannah,' he said, carefully putting his hand on my shoulder, 'look at me.'  I didn't fight him as he turned me to face him.  'I want to tell you the truth, I really do, but I don't know what the truth is.  All I can say is that the man you loved, Alfie, is still in here and he loves you very much.  Our relationship might have had secrets, secrets I shouldn't have had, but I did everything because I love you.'

'You're only saying that,' I said, choking on the tears that were streaming down my face.

'No I'm not.  And it's because I love you that I'm going to tell you something I shouldn't.  I don't care because by the time the Knight catches me there will be nothing he can do to me.'

'What are you talking about?'

'Get out of the building.  Tell Mendrick to trust you and get your team out of here as fast as you can.'

'Why should I trust you?'

'Because if you don't we will both end up dead.  It's too late to save me but I can still do this for you and your team.  Get out of here, get your team somewhere safe and stop the Knight.  Do it for me.'

Before I knew it Alfie was hugging me and kissing me.  My body responded the way it had always had, holding him closer and kissing him back, then my brain kicked in and I pushed him away.

'You're a killer.  This is just a trick to get yourself alone so you can escape.  You're not going to fool me.'

'Alannah!'  The door flew open and Mendrick and Charlie burst into the room, faces panicked and scared.  'Get away from him,' Mendrick shouted.  'He's got a bomb!'

The End

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