Alannah: And Things Were Going So WellMature

It's so typical that as soon as one part of my life starts to go well, another part starts to crumble around me.  Two murders in two days is not the kind of thing that should be happening, especially when it's the same murderer.

At least everything was back on track with Alfie.  The make-up sex had been amazing, and when Mendrick had called me with the bad news the following morning I'd had to force myself out of Alfie's arms.

'Where are you going?'  He asked sleepily, watching me as I pulled on my skirt and buttoned up my shirt.

'Work,' I said plainly, bending over to kiss him before I left.  'I'll be home as soon as I can.'

'Can't you stay for a little bit longer,' he said, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me back onto the bed.  'They won't notice if you're a bit late.'  I can't say I fought very hard as he pressed his lips against mine, holding me close against him.  I was almost about to give into him and stay there in his arms for the rest of the day, but then the rational part of my brain kicked in.

'I want to stay,' I said, pushing Alfie away and rolling out of bed again, 'but there's been another murder and I have to go.'

'Then I suppose I'll have to let you go.'  He gave me one last long lingering kiss, making me feel all warm inside.

'OK then, but I really have to go or Mendrick will kill me.'

And here I was, standing outside in the cold with Charlie, who looked like she had just been slapped or something.  I knew better than most that Charlie wasn't the most cheerful person in the world, but this was something completely different.  Maybe it was me.  I know that my cheerfulness annoys most of the others, and today, with the memory of Alfie's kisses still warm on my lips, I was going to be unbearable.

'So who was the guy?'  I asked as soon as I arrived on the scene.

'We're not sure yet,' King said, leading me briskly towards the crime scene, 'but we're working on it.  I think I should warn you now, it's another brutal one.'  He was right about that one.  The killer was getting pretty inventive with his choice of weapons.

'Poor man,' I said as I looked down at the old man's beaten body.  'What could he have done to deserve this?'  But there was something bugging me about this scene.  Why would someone choose to beat someone to death with a mace?  Apart from dramatic effect.  Even though the man was old and wouldn't have put up much of a fight, the process would have been fairly long and quite hard work.

And the first murder.  A sword is a pretty brutal instrument, easier to use to kill someone than a mace, but still not an easy weapon to conceal before he reached the murder sight.  I mean how many men walk around with a sword fastened around their waist?

'Are we sure that he was killed by the mace?'  I asked Randall, Charlie and King who were all standing around the body with me.

'From what I can see I think that he was beaten to death,' King said, not looking at me as he spoke, his eyes fixed on the body.

'But we're not sure yet?'

'What are you thinking Harrison?'

'I just don't understand why a killer would use such awkward weapons to kill his victims when he could easily shoot them.  It would be far less messy and has a lower risk of being caught.'

'Maybe that's why some killers do it.'  Randall, who had been silent up until now, spoke up.  'The thrill of the possibility that at any moment they could be caught.'  That was probably the most insightful thing I had ever heard Randall say and I had no idea how to react to it.

'Umm yeah I suppose,' I mumbled looking at the floor.  'I guess I hadn't thought of it like that before.'

The End

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