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I'm standing here looking at the body of an old man, trying to pretend I goddamn care.

I've never really been the passionate sort. Yeah, so. He's dead. He'd probably've had a heart-attack within a week anyway. No big loss.

So would you mind explaining why everyone looks like he was some goddamn personal friend of theirs, or something, who sent them money every goddamn birthday and Christmas?

Huh. Didn't think you could.

'The poor man,' Harrison keeps saying. Yeah, yeah, beaten to death with a mace. I've seen worse. I can imagine worse.

Not that I was so tough when it was nearly me last night.

No, shut up, I'm not thinking about that. I'm just being normal. I'm being... Yeah, well.

Hart at least looks like he's being sensible. The boss has sent him off on a wild goose chase looking up somewhere with rocky ground, or something, and checking the goddamn five-day weather forecast every two minutes.

Just because of some soppy goddamn poem.

Dav- The boss thinks this poem thingie is telling us when and where the next murder will take place. But that's a bit bonkers, isn't it? I mean, if I was a murderer, I wouldn't go around leaving goddamn notes telling people where to catch me red handed.

I can't quite see my way through this one... This murderer seems weirder than most. I mean, where does the obsession with strange weapons come from? Much easier to put a goddamn bullet through someone's temples. Quicker, quieter, less blood...

That's what I'd do.

Something's seriously not right here. But I can't put my finger on it...

David was out of that hospital like a bullet from a gun!

Damn. That wasn't such a good use of imagery. Reminds me of the goddamn hole blown through his leg.

No, wait, I'm being normal, aren't I? Normal, right... I glare at Harrison. Yep. That's definitely normal. For good measure, I decide to glower for the rest of the day. That should make me seem less jittery...

Not that I am jittery, of course. But having several armed men break into your house during the night and shoot your- your-


'Shut up,' I growl at no one in particular. At least me makes me feel better.


The End

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