David: Knight in Shining Armor?Mature

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF MENDRICK! She's probably hallucinating! Yeah, that's it. Calm down. Stop freaking out! But what if they have guns? Oh no, oh no! Oh crap, oh crap!

Who on earth would break into her house?! Wait a second. What was that thing that Charlie told me a couple weeks ago? Think Mendrick, think! That's it! She told me that someone was trying to kill her... who was it? Who freakin was it?! Come on Mendrick!! X-ray? No! X-ray?! What is freakin wrong with me?! 

My car raced down the highway, and I was way over the speed limit. Luckily, Charlie's house was only a couple miles away from HQ. And even more lucky, I happened to be sitting right next to her file when she called me.

Wait a darn minute. She called me. Me? But why not just call the police? Even better question, why don't I call the police? Then again, this could give me an opportunity to be a knight in shining armor. Ha! The thought. Me in armor? Heck no! That might be why Charlie called me! Nahh, probably not. Wishful thinking.

I took the exit and drove into a suburb, with lots of houses of different sizes and shapes. Pretty cool. What are you doing Mendrick? Stop admiring houses and get in the game! I glanced down at my gun, which was holstered to my belt. Three extra clips were holstered on the left side of my belt---just in case.

I pulled up to her house. I jumped out of the car and cautiously strode over to the garage. I didn't touch it, knowing it would make a lot of noise. And I didn't call Charlie's name either, because that would draw attention. Why am I explaining myself for every little thing? Man, I'm out of it.

Then I saw her, she was cradling herself behind a bush, looking very helpless. She was wearing pajamas, which was...different. I strode over to her in three quick, silent steps. "What's going on?" I asked her in a harsh whisper.

She shhed me desperately, looking very anxious and distressed. "Thanks for coming," she finally whispered. She grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

I looked down at my hand in hers. Her hand was very warm---what the heck am I doing? I rested my hand on hers then whispered, "It's not a problem, I'll check around. Get in my car." I handed her my keys and pointed to my car, which was parked half on the curb and the other half on the concrete.

She nodded and then walked away slowly. That's when I pulled my gun.

Coincidentally, that's also when all hell broke loose.

Right then, I saw a shadow peer around from the back of the house. I ducked behind the bush, and a man walked out. The man was wearing a black mask, and was holding a large sub-machine gun. I'm screwed, I thought to myself.

Then I did what I had to do. I rolled out from behind the bush and brought my fist straight into his jaw. The man dropped the sub-machine gun and stumbled back. I then threw my gun in the air and caught it by the barrel. I swung the back of the gun into his temple, and sent him flat on his face. Out cold.

I cracked a smile, then glanced back at Charlie, who was pressed up against the window. I nodded to her then turned towards the back of the house. Slowly and carefully I turned the corner. Three men.

One was on the roof, looking like a patrolmen at a federal prison, holding an AK-47.


The other was following another, both were walking in my direction.

Neither appeared to see me. So I hid behind the corner and waited.

Suddenly, the man stepped around the corner. I brought up my leg to kick him, but he was fast. Pain shot through my leg, as did a bullet. The sound of a gunshot reverberated off of the house walls. I collapsed to my knees then lifted my gun and pulled the trigger. Right in the head. The man collapsed onto his back.


His sub-machine gun rested on the ground, and I could hear the other man running towards it.

So I did something crazy.

With the leg that wasn't bleeding, I pushed myself forward and rolled over the gun, grabbing onto it as I went. I sprung to my feet and ignored the pain. The man was holding a glock and pointed it right at my head. Luckily, he was close. I hit his gun away with the barrel of my gun and slammed the back of the gun into his head. He collapsed onto the ground. Not knocked out, but dazed. I lifted my sub-machine gun and pointed it at the man on the roof. I held down the trigger. The recoil was like a staccato of pain in my shoulder, but it was nothing in comparison to my leg. The man on the roof, covered in blood, fell flat. I swiftly spun around and nailed the man on the ground with the back of the gun. It cracked his skull.


I breathed hard, then slowly and cautiously allowed myself to sink to one knee.

"I still got it," I whispered sharply to myself, hugging the bullet hole in my leg. Blood oozed out slowly, but painfully.

I turned to see that Charlie was running towards me. Thank God it's her and not another freakin soldier!

"Are you okay?!" Charlie shrieked.

I nodded slowly and hesitantly. "I think that's the last of them," I said quietly.

Tears swelled up in her eyes, then she turned.

I took a deep breath. "No ambulance, Charlie."

She turned and looked at me. "No ambulance? You got shot!"

I stared at her and didn't say a word. Charlie pulled out her phone. "No," I said.

She returned it to her pocket. "So, what now?"

"We'll call the police in the morning. I'm tired, and you're tired. Not the time to be interrogated and crap."

She nodded slowly. "Alright."

"One last thing," I said, pushing myself to my feet. "I think I need to stay here for the night. In case anyone else shows up."

She smiled. "Thank you, David."

I was surprised to be called by my first name, somehow I took pleasure in it though. "No problem," I coughed.

So much for knight in shining armor, Mendrick. The knight isn't supposed to be shot in the leg. That reminded me.

The Knight. That demon is still free! Oh well. I can worry about that tomorrow. Right now I'm tired. Very tired.

The End

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