Randall: SmarterMature

                Emotions are really running high with the team.  It’s like sympathy or something, I don’t know.  When one of us feels it maybe it’s like a big chain that just reaches round and grabs at us all.  Or, all of them anyway.  I’m quite at peace.

                I know it isn’t really nice to think, but I’m starting to believe Mendrick shouldn’t be in charge.  I mean, he’s a great leader and everything, but for this case . . .   Someone should really give him a break.  I don’t know how good he is at handling emotions, but I can see the turmoil in him every time he walks into the room.  He’s wound really tight, and I’m afraid he might break.

                Alannah is on the phone right now, presumably talking to her significant other.   I’m only assuming that because she looks uncomfortable.  Charlie is the only other one of us that seems to be in a stable mood right now.  She’s a little more up in her head than usual, but I’m that way pretty much constantly.  Maybe she’s becoming more introverted, less . . . Charlie.  If you don’t mind me saying.

                Hm, I never really noticed how judgmental I am until right now.  Ha, I’m finally becoming perceptive in human ongoings—at least a little—and now I feel like everything I learn about these people makes me a jerk for thinking it.

                Anyway, the case.  A man who goes by The Knight, quite a heroic pseudonym.  I’ve looked over most of his work, and he’s pretty tight.  He knows what he’s doing, never makes mistakes.  Except the poems, to me that’s a weakness.  That means he wants something from us.  They always get caught when they choose to communicate with the cops.  Always.

                Is it some taunt?  Rubbing in our faces that, even though he’s leaving plenty of evidence, we’ll never get him.  He may feel arrogant, but nothing stays uncovered forever.  We’ll find his pattern, or his weakness.   We’ll catch this guy, no matter how clever The Knight thinks he is. 

                Thing is, Knight, no matter how smart you think you are.  I’m smarter. 


The End

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