David: That Just Isn't MeMature

The Knight did this. The freakin Knight! I hadn't seen him for over five years! I thought he ran away into hiding or something. But now he's back, and he's murdering people again. Now the same question as always remains.

Who is his next target?

The police were never able to figure out his pattern, if there is one. He kills both male and female, he kills adults and teenagers, rich people, poor people.

Maybe he just kills for fun?

Alannah walking by interrupted my thoughts. I glanced her way and listened to her heels click against the concrete as she walked away. Something was off about her, and I didn't know what it was. Then again, when do I ever? No one tells me anything!

Whatever. She seemed distracted, and I was bugged. Like I said before, she's like a sister or something.

"Alannah!" I called.

She faced me, a little surprised to hear her first name. "Yeah?"

I put my hand on her shoulder and whispered, "What's going on?"

She rose an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Something is bugging you."

Her jaw dropped slightly, and her eyes seemed to widen. "Well, I..."

Awkward silence. Lovely.

"Enough with the whole 'playing dumb' thing, Alannah."

Alannah paused. I gored her with my stare, but she didn't seem to mind. "I just have a lot of things on my mind, that's all."

I chuckled quietly. "That's like saying nothing. What's on your mind?" 

She shifted her gaze to the ground.

"Who is on your mind?" I asked, this time being a little more specific.

That must have hit a spot, because right then she made eye contact again. "Alfie, my boyfriend, and why do you care?"

I opened my mouth to respond, but then realized I had nothing to say. I closed it. "I'm your boss," I finally said.

She frowned. "Well, I can handle it. But thank you for caring."

Then she left my side.

I sighed a loud sigh. "Alfie, huh?"

I turned then walked back to the crime scene. "Randall, Charlie! Back to HQ."


I had been sitting at my desk for hours, shifting through all of the records on the Knight. Thirteen murders, all of them had a medieval weapon involved. Arrows, in my wife's case. 

The memories from that day still haunt me.

I had just come home from work that day. I had been tailing the Knight very closely, and I could have sworn we were getting somewhere. I walked in through the front door of my house, and saw her laying in a pool of blood. Ten arrows in her back. She was dead. 

I cried harder than I had ever cried that day, and I promised her that I would kill the Knight. But I also knew that there was something else that she would have wanted me to promise. I told her I'd move on.

That reminded me.

Charlie was sitting in her office, working hard on the case, and I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

I stood up and walked outside my office towards hers. I knocked gently. 

"It's open!" her voice said.

I turned the knob and pushed it open. She was sitting at her desk typing away on her computer. "Yes?"

I coughed uncomfortably. "Come on," I said quietly.

"What?" She turned her chair around and looked at me. "Where to?"

"We're going to go see the girl's parents, we need to have a little chat," I said solemnly. I tried to sound strict and annoyed, but for some reason I couldn't speak harshly. It was especially hard talking to her. 

She stared at me, almost as if she knew that I was sad. Then again, she probably read my file and knew what happened to my wife. She seemed sad herself. We were silent for a moment.

Finally, I frowned. "What are you staring at me for? Let's GO!" I yelled. I then marched out and headed towards the front door. I regretted yelling, but I didn't plan on apologizing.

Because that just isn't me.

The End

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