Randall: It's a Good DayMature

                It feels good to be back.  I mean, it’s not like we were ever really gone.  But paperwork, wrapping everything up really gets old.  Even after getting a confession like that there is so much junk to wade through, half of the police work anymore is politics.  You have to know how to work with the press, make the bad guy look bad.  You can’t have the people sympathizing with the murderer.  We’ve all seen plenty of them get off easy.

                This particular murder seems to have shaken up the bunch.  Mendrick, especially.  I still don’t think I’m close enough to these people—or in tune with myself, for that matter—to know how they’re feeling, or know what is going on in their  heads.  Someday, maybe, but not quite yet.

                All in all, despite the murder, today is a great day. 

                “The Knight,” seems a little too . . . I don’t know how to put it.  Generally, knight’s were always the heroes, and here a serial killer is taking the name and putting a sinister twist to it.  I think I should be put off by it, but in reality I like it.  I like seeing the names of heroes of old kicked out of their glory.  I know, at least, that knights weren’t always so pure.  Hardly, ever, in actuality.  So, I guess I just like seeing the name of the knights name put to the test of truth, they should be seen how they were meant, now just how they were romanticized.

The End

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