Charlie - Here We Go AgainMature

What a complete psycho!

I mean, look at it. Who murders a girl with a whopping great goddamn sword?!

And who leaves ponsy poems lying around about lakes and, I dunno, stuff. I've never been the poetic sort, me.

It seems to have made an impact on Mendrick, though. He's squatting by the body, prodding it a bit as if she's gonna sit up and tell him 'oh, yeah, it was him wot did it'.


He glances up, and I look away quickly. I spend far too much time watching him these days. It's as if I'm turning into a goddamn stalker.

I'd better look somewhere else then.

My gaze settles on Alannah. She looks like she's about to chuck. And, for once, I don't really blame her. Whichever psycho murdered this girl, he obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word 'conventional'. Too bad for him. I hope he gets a dictionary for Christmas.

'She's Jennifer Waters.'

I jump about a mile into the air as Randall pops up behind me like a goddamn, I dunno, a goddamn pixie, or something.

'Jesus,' I mutter. 'You couldn't warn me, then?'

He gives me a funny look. I shrug and turn away. He's a funny bloke. No questions asked.

'Any other info?' I say as casually as I can, trying to distract Alannah, who's also looking at me in a funny way.

Just because I'm a bit jumpy today. Not my fault. Not their problem.

'Any particular reason why she was hanging around in a back alley?' Asking to be got. She's not dressed for it, far as I can see. Through all that goddamn blood, getting in the way. Looks to me as if she was off to a party, or something.

Mendrick stands up, sighing, pulling off those gloves he was wearing and shoving them towards Alannah. She jumps with a little shriek, and drops them on the ground. She also gets blood all down her skirt.

Ha. That's her all over.

I roll my shoulders back, looking Mendrick straight in the eye. That's it. Back to my old self.

Oh yeah. It's good to be back.

Not that I went anywhere, mind.

The End

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