David: An Eidolon, named the Knight...Mature

I stepped out of my car and slammed the door. I strode quickly towards the dark alley, where a Mr. John King met me. "What do we got?" I asked, avoiding eye contact as I bent down under the yellow tape.

"Homocide. A young girl about sixteen years old has a sword in her side," King said, gesturing to the body.

It was a massacre. Blood was all over the ground, and the young girl's heart was laying against the wall.

Her murderer had cut it out.

I shook my head. "Where's the sword?" I asked.

King cleared his throat then turned. "I believe forensics is taking a look at it at the moment."

"I'd like to get a look at that as soon as possible," I said quietly. I scratched my chin.

Then I turned. "Where is the rest of my unit!? They're always late!" I complained in a whiny tone.

"Actually-" King began.

"We're already here," a voice said.

I shifted my gaze to behind King, to see Alannah.

"Thank God," I said with a sigh.

Randall peaked out from around the corner. "So technically you're late."

I frowned. "I'm never late, you guys were early."

I ignored their chuckling and turned back to the body. Then a slight detail caught my eye. "Gloves," I said, holding out my hand to King.

Immediately gloves were slipped on. I knelt down and put my hand on the girl's shoulder. Carefully, I turned her over. And there it was. A piece of paper.

A piece of paper with writing on it.

I motioned quickly for King. He bent over and peered at it. 

My voice trembled as I read it.

"Mountains toppling evermore

Into seas without a shore;

Seas that restlessly aspire,

Surging, unto skies of fire;

Lakes that endlessly outspread

Their lone waters—lone and dead,

Their still waters—still and chilly

With the snows of the lolling lily.

By a route obscure and lonely,

Haunted by ill angels only. 

Where an Eidolon, named the Knight,

On a black throne reigns upright,

I have wandered home but newly

From this ultimate dim Thule."

Then I knew.

It was the Knight who had killed this girl.

The hell-hated serial killer that killed my wife.

The End

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