CBI, Episode 2: CriminologyMature

David Mendrick and his crew are up against a very dangerous serial killer. A serial killer that uses medieval weapons to brutally murder innocent people.
One question remains. Will they catch this dangerous criminal? Or will David Mendrick's past corrupt his very soul?

He was back.

He had been waiting for years to come back to his business. After the last murder, they had almost caught him, so he waited a while, and allowed the investigation to die down. Four years of waiting, and now he was back in the business.

These thoughts went through his head as he stood over the body. The body with the long, sharp blade gored into its side. A smile ran across his face. He turned and walked away from the scene of the crime. His footsteps echoed off of the alley walls, and he vanished into the shadows.

The Knight was back.

The End

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