David: They're my Family...Mature

Tip tap, tip tap.

I tapped my fingers against my desk. I was silent. Calm even. It's a rare feeling, honestly. But I missed it. I was happy that we had closed the case, but even happier that I was starting to see the potential of my unit. Some of them must think I hate them. Ha! They don't know the half of it.

But who am I kidding? I love them. A lot. They're my family, but of course, I'd never tell them that.

Randall. He's that crazy son of a gun that keeps the investigation interesting. He's intelligent, even if he doesn't look it. He's like a son, no matter how mad I get at him, I can't help but feel responsible for his mistakes. And it's not like he makes that many anyway! I suppose you could say that I raised him well.

And Alannah. Ha! That crazy girl brightens up the office the second she walks into the room. She's a natural detective. That's why I'm so hard on her. And it's funny, because no matter how hard I am on her, she never seems to complain. Well, that much. She's just like a sister. We fight sometimes, but hey! She's my sister.

Charlie...she's that one girl that...well...you can't help but care about. Her looks, her attitude, her competence. Everything about her. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have no chance with her. But hey! That's okay. I still think of her as that girl. That girl that'll help me fulfill my promise to my wife. That's why I'm hard on her. I don't want her knowing how I feel!

Suddenly, the door flew open. It was Randall. "Hey, I'm heading out."

I put on a stern look. "Yeah, yeah. Go home you lazy bone." I allowed myself a smile.

Randall smiled back. He shifted his eyes to the wooden floor and said, "We did good work out there today."

"We did," I said with a shrug.

Randall nodded and then began to close the door.

"Hart," I called.

"Yeah?" he asked, peaking around the door.

I paused. "We didn't," I said, "You did good work."

Randall half-smiled. "Yeah. I suppose."

With that, he walked out and closed the door.


I pulled my car up into the garage. I pulled my keys out of the ignition and stepped out. I closed the door behind me and walked out of the garage.

The sweet smell of fresh air aroused my senses. I looked over to my left and saw my tree. That tree I had planted the day I had moved here. With one hand, I tossed my keys onto a branch and then walked down the long dirt road to my house. The crunch of the sand under my shoes was a pleasing sound. Reminded me of home.

I walked up to my large, white house and opened the front door. I closed the door behind me and walked up the long staircase. No need to lock the door, I live like 100 miles out of the way. No one drives by here anyway.

I walked into my bedroom and plopped onto the bed. I moved the sheets and climbed into bed. I looked over at my nightstand, where a picture of my wife sat.

I sighed and picked it up. A tear trickled down my cheek, but I wiped it away as if someone might be watching me. I'll keep my promise, honey. I thought to myself, as I stared deep into the eyes that were trapped in the stained glass.

I'll move on.

I returned the picture to its spot on the nightstand and then rolled my body, so I wasn't facing it. I then closed my eyes.

I fell asleep almost immediately. But not before whispering to myself, "And I'll kill The Knight, no matter what it takes..."

The End

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