Randall: BalancedMature


It's surprising how everything fit into place so well. I knew not telling everyone about my plan could twist some wires, but Mendrick really took the the whole setup. I'm glad to know that my superior officer has an open mind to unorthodox methods. It really sets him aside from the rigid must-go-by-the-law automatons usually spit out by police academy.

I think I'll grow to enjoy working with this team.

When my brother came back his face was lit up, he always enjoys when I make him apart of my life. I guess it's a familial interest thing, something normal people do. Maybe it's something I can learn to do more often. There are a lot of “normal” thing I should learn to do.

I guess I need to take life one step at a time. With every bad guy I catch, I almost feel a new person growing inside of me. Like by seeing all of the bad people out there I'm finding a kind of understanding of myself.

The world has a sort of balancing system it seems.

The End

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