Charlie - Wrapping PaperMature

Squeak squeak squeak squeak.

I've got to get this swivel chair fixed. Its goddamn squeaking is sending me goddamn crazy!

Especially now we're finished.

Finished? Nah. I don't suppose we'll ever be finished. I've still got some goddamn psycho after me, and between you and me I don't think I'm gonna let this Exredge thing go.

Mendrick's delighted. Not that he'd tell us, of course. He just yells at us more. Which means he's pleased. I think.

Hart's the hero of the day. Harrison spent three hours tailing his twin brother (haha! I'd've liked to be there to see the look on her face!). I spent the rest of the day turning myself from some goddamn fairytale princess from my 'date' and into a normal human being again.

Although Mendrick's face fell when he saw me looking normal.

And to be honest (shut up) I quite enjoyed (shut up shut up)...

So Lane's safely behind bars, Mrs Bell's in the same boat (but not the same cell. Ew. Imagine what could happen...). We're all happy as Larry.

I'm goddamn bored now. Christ! You'd've thought something might happen. Even just a tiny little gunfight, or a microscopic car chase.

But it's not to be. Not till we get our next case, that is.

So this is Charlie Broker, signing off.

Bye bye.


Auf Wiedersehen.


Yeah, alright, you can go now.




Finally. Now I can get some goddamn shut-eye.

The End

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