David: Bad Plan.Mature

It wasn't a bad plan.

I leaned against the wall and listened. I heard footsteps echo off of the alley wall. Two footsteps. Someone was just standing there. Instead of revealing my presence, I waited. For a long while, I waited.

Finally, another pair of footsteps joined the other two. The footsteps merged in the middle of the alleyway. I struggled to hear every single sound that went on back there, but it all sounded like mumbles. But I did recognize the voices. Randall, and Mr. Lane. If only I knew what they were saying.

I couldn't resist any longer. I was closing this case, now. I turned the corner and yelled, "HEY!"

Randall's eyes shot up, wide eyed. Peril must have struck Mr. Lane in the heart, for he completely collapsed to the ground, putting his hand over his head. "Randall, don't act so surprised. You invited me to this party."

Randall stuttered, "Well, yes, but. But, I. Well, not really. I just-"

"Stop stuttering. Mr. Lane, get up. You are under arrest."

"For what?!" He yelled, pushing himself to his feet.

"For the murder of Mr. Bell."

"What?! Me?!"

"Yes you! Of course it was you! You had business connections, you were having an affair with his wife! You killed him for the money, and for the girl you miserable little sadist!"

Randall frowned. "So if he did do this, then what are we going to do with him?"

"Life-time in jail, possibly a death sentence."

Mr. Lane seemed to be hugging his legs, rolled up in a ball on the ground.

Randall stared at Mr. Lane, looking as though he was in deep thought.

"Randall, I know what you're thinking."

Randall shifted his eyes towards me. His expression gored me like a charging rhino. "Don't ever pretend you know what I'm thinking. I want to do something very evil right now. And if you knew what I'm about to do, then you would pull out your gun and shoot me."

Then anger took me. I flipped out my gun and pointed it straight at his head. "Don't tempt me."

Randall responded by pulling out his own gun, which he had concealed in his leather jacket. Both of us uncomfortably held our guns in allignment with the other's head, our fingers tight around the triggers. "Here's how it's going to go. On three, I'm going to shoot a bullet into your brain," I said angrily. "Now drop your gun!"

Randall didn't flinch. He just tightened his hold around the trigger.

"One," I counted. My face was calm but my eyes were burning with fierce, violent anger. "Two," I counted, this time even louder.

Then I made my move. "Three!" I yelled. Right then I practically dove for the left. Randall pulled the trigger of his gun. The loud sound of the gun blasting almost blew my eardrums out. 

I laid on the ground in silence, and Randall stood in complete shock. He dropped his gun onto the ground and said nothing.

I stood up. Randall looked at me, and there was a sorry in his eyes. I nodded in forgiveness and then looked at Mr. Lane, who was being pathetic and laying on the ground. "Randall, I don't want to kick you off this unit. But after Mr. Lane turns you in, I'll probably have to."

Randall nodded. "Yeah, I deserve it."

We stared at Mr. Lane in silence. "Or, we could just shoot him, and say that he attacked us..."

Randall looked at me wide eyed. "Could we?"

"Of course."

Mr. Lane rolled over and looked up at us in complete bewilderment. "WHAT?! You wouldn't! You guys are cops!"

"So? Cops aren't perfect," I said with a shrug. "Plus, if we say that you attacked us, then we won't have to find evidence to prove that you're guilty. So there are a lot of upsides to this."

I cocked my gun and pointed it straight at his head. "You're okay with this, aren't you Hart?"

Randall nodded.

"WAIT! I can close this case for you! I'll tell you everything! But don't shoot! Just please don't shoot!" Mr. Lane pleaded, practically screaming.

"Tell us everything?" I asked, shifting my eyes to Randall. "Like what?"

"I killed Mr. Bell. Well, not me. It was the tiger, but...it was my fault! But...that's not all. Mrs. Bell wanted him dead."

I shifted my eyes back to Mr. Lane. "You don't say."

"Yes, she wanted us to get married. She didn't love him anymore, she said. So I paid some guys to throw Mr. Bell into the tiger's cage."

"That's not very convincing Mr. Lane. Why would a tiger just go mad and start mauling people?"

"They made it mad. They threw stuff at it. Pissed it off. Then when they threw Mr. Bell in, the tiger mauled him."

I smiled. I pulled the recording device out of my back pocket. "Thank you very much Mr. Lane."

I tossed my capgun out of my hand and shook Randall's hand. "You, my friend, are absolutely genius. Thank you for calling me. Glad to know at least one of my agents trusts me."

"My plan wouldn't have worked without you, sir," Randall said with a grin.

I stared at Mr. Lane, who looked like he was going to die. "You TRICKED me?!" he shrieked. "Oh crap!"

Randall and I exchanged looks. "This is a good day," Randall said quietly.

"Yes, very."

Not a bad plan at all...

The End

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