Randall: Losing a TailMature

I noticed whoever it was following me long before I ever made it home.  And when I got there I figured I should give them a good chase.  I get out of the car and walk into the house, “Hey, anyone home?” 

“Yeah.”  My brother calls.  We’re twins, kind of identical.  I mean we look alike enough.  But I don’t see it the way others do.  I explain to him the entire situation, that someone is following me, anyway.  Not the actual situation.  I tell him I need to lose the tail, he goes and drives off in my car. 

Sorry, Alannah, but I can’t have you following me around while I’m trying to get something real done.  I didn’t tell Roger, my brother, where to go, just to go somewhere.  He should keep her busy for awhile. 

I take his car from the garage and drive to Pierce and Pierce, the day is just beginning.  I need to figure out what I’m going to do.  Sit and watch, or actively participate in what I’ve started.

The End

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