Alannah: SpyingMature

I felt so bad spying on Randall.  It was like we didn't trust him and whatever Mendrick may have thought, I certainly trusted him.  I felt almost dirty sitting outside his house in my car watching to see if he was planning on moving or doing anything unexpected.

I knew Randall wasn't thick.  He would be able to spot that I was following a mile off, and why would he do something to endanger his career when he knew I was watching?  This wasn't making sense.  I wish Mendrick had given me more information.

I would have liked to have known what he and Charlie were up to.  I knew they were doing some sort of undercover operation but had no idea on whom or where.  There needed to be much better communication within our department or we would never get things sorted.

After an hour and a half of sitting in silence in my car, my mobile rang.  I scrambled around in my bag on the floor trying to find it before the person on the other end hung up.  Finally discovering it in the secret pocket in my handbag, I answered it just in time.


'Hey Ali it's me.'

'Hey Alfie,' I breathed.  'You know it's so good to hear your voice.  I'm bored out of my mind here!'

'Has Mendrick got you doing another mindless job?'

'Not really.  I'm doing surveillance at the moment.  Actually thats something I have to tell you about,' I said becoming a little more nervous.  'I'm not going to be home tonight.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean Mendrick's put me on an all-nighter.  I'm really sorry, I know you hate it.'

'I hope he's paying you for the extra hours.'

'Of course he is.  He's not such a bad boss to work for.'

'Yes but you're a soft touch,' Alfie said warningly.  'You give in to him far too easily and accept whatever he throws at you.  You need to learn to say no and put yourself before the case sometimes.'

'Alfie, I work for a squad that solves murders, I can't take time off.'  As I said that I saw someone come out of the front of the house.  It was Randall.  He was still dressed in the clothes had come to work in but he was looking a bit more shaken up than normal.  He got into his car and prepared to drive off.  'Look I've got to go.'

'No, we need to talk about this Alannah, I'm not sure I can cope with all your irregular hours.  I barely see you any-'

'I know, I love you too, but I really have to go now.  We can talk about this later.'  Before he could reply and stop me, I hung up, turned my key in the ignition and drove off after Randall.

I tried to keep a safe distance behind him, hoping he wouldn't recognise my car.  He led me on a long drive all the way around town until finally he pulled up outside an office block.  I pulled up a little further back and on the other side of the road.  I saw him get out of his car and walk inside the building.

'What is he up to?'

The End

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