Alannah: IrritatedMature

After the first hour I had to sit at my desk after being called in at five in the morning, I was starting to get annoyed.  Mendrick had made out like it was some big emergency, but he was spending his time questioning one of our own officers in his office.

I knew Hart was difficult to work with, and there must have been something to make him like that, but it was no reason for a full interrogation while we were trying to solve a murder.

I rearranged my desk three times before I decided to try and eavesdrop outside the boss's door.  I knew Charlie was watching me with some amusement, but I didn't care.  All I wanted to know was what was going on.  We couldn't function properly as a team while we were keeping secrets that disrupted the whole case from each other.

I edged as close to the door as I dared, crouching down so Mendrick couldn't see me through the window in the top half of his door.  My hearing isn't great and no matter how hard I strained my ears to pick up something, anything, I didn't catch a word of what was going on.

When I got bored of that about ten minutes later, I turned around to find I was the only person left in the room.

'Great,' I said to myself, 'just great.  Now you're a real loner.'  I sat back down at my desk and looked at the photo frames on my desk.  One was of me and Alfie on our holiday to Portugal last summer, we were both smiling even though Alfie looked as red as a tomato because he'd forgotten to put on suncream and had ended up horrendously burnt.

Another was of my parents at their 50th wedding anniversary party.  They looked so happy together.  A part of me hoped that me and Alfie would end up like that someday, old and wrinkly together.

The final picture was of me and a group of my girlfriends on a night out.  It had been my bedt friend, Hannah's, hen night and we were all appropriately dressed in obscenely short party dresses and with wings on our backs.

I loved all the people in these photos.  They were the things that kept me going through my job.  When you see so much death and hatred on a daily basis, you need love in your life to make you remember that the world is not full of evil people, and there are people who care about you.

The room was deadly silent and I'd just closed my eyes to catch a few z'd while no-one was watching when I heard the boss's door fly open.

'Harrison, now!'

The End

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